Monday, July 12, 2021

Strips 'n Salsa

 These runners are called Strips 'n Salsa and are in the Stripology book by Gudrun at GE Designs. They are so fun to make. She does call for 1 1/2" strips but I resized to make with 2" strips as I like the finished size better this way.

Since they are pretty easy to make I chose three different themes of fabric. First I did the pumpkin one and then moved onto the blue snowmen one and last but not least a yummy cake pop one.  

They are all quilted with a freehand hook swirl design, no surprise there right!

Wouldn't this cake pop one make a great present for the baker in your life!  I just want to eat one right now!! Have you ever make a cake pop?  The closet I have come to it is making red devil cake balls.  I did buy the sticks, but never used them, yet;)

Wishing you all a great quilty week ahead! I need to bind two pineapple table runners and then I have more I need to quilt.  I did a lot of piecing last week. 

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  1. you can certainly cover all the seasons with pattern

  2. Those are fun in every color! I've never tried making cake pops, though. I'm assuming you need a special pan?

  3. Each one cuter than the last. This is definitely a pattern that works for every season. Hmmm - I have that pattern somewhere. Wonder where I put it?

  4. Love them all! I've never made cake pops. In fact, I don't think I've ever eaten one either. I see them in the case at Starbucks, maybe I should try one.

  5. Oh yes! I especially love the christmas one ... such pretty prints !!

  6. Hi Vicki! Cute runners - all three of them. I think my favorite is the blue snowmen . . . but that cake pop is darn cute, too. I never made cake pops - they look like too much work - give me a cupcake instead. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Your table runners look like fun to make, and the design fits every season. Love them all!


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