Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Weekly Goals- To Do Tuesday

 Another week has rolled around and a few more things have been accomplished!  It's time to check out my goals from last week.

  • Finish Accuquilt Tutorial due on Friday ✅  Yes it is done but I can't show you until it hits their blog on June 4th.
  • Make two table runners with new fabric I bought last week ✅  They are all done and all sold already! The first one with new bee fabric was kinda a request from a repeat customer.  She asked if I could do coasters with specific bee fabric. I didn't have it but I went shopping and found a different bee fabric.  Made it into this table runner and sent her the photo and she said it was perfect to go with her new bee decor and bought the runner 10 minutes later!  Here is the first runner of the new fabric.

And this is the second of a new fabric. So what's a girl to do with fabric with lemons but make a table runner out of it!  It was in my Etsy shop for two days and it sold also. I'm so happy that I can another since I bought fabric for more than one of them:)  I heard lemons were a new home decor item this year so I want to be prepared a little.  Both the bee and the lemon are from a GE designs table runner book.

  • Quilt and bind a patriotic table runner ✅  Same design but different fabrics than previous patriotic runners. 

  • Bind two donation quilts ✅  Finished and blogged about HERE.
  • Make whatever else I wanted ✅  I guess that would be the three gingham table runners I blogged about for Table Scraps HERE
I met all the goals and still had time to visit the amish greenhouse with a friend. I was able to pick up the tomatoes and green pepper plants. And then it was time to turn my eye to some pretty posies.  When I saw this beautiful petunia hanging basket I was in love!  I wasn't planning on getting one, I usually just get the plants and make my own but they would take a long time to get even half this size.  This one is almost 24" across from bloom to bloom! And the price was really good at only $24.  

And this beautiful dahlia blossom is huge and has two more buds on it.  She is about 18" high now and almost full grown, so it says.

And the rest of the teeny posies I bought that day are all planted. Some will go on the front porch as they are shade plants and the rest on the deck which is the south side of the house.

I am ready for a lighter week, it's my birthday week.  If the weather would cooperate I would love to go for a bike ride someday. No big plans but it seems like we should do something as it's my 65th!  Good grief when did I get so old, LOL, I mean I still feel 35, haha.

So the only goals I am setting this week are:
  • Make another bee table runner
  • Make another lemon table runner
Hope you all met your goals for the week.   Set some new ones for this week and go link up with To Do Tuesday at Texas Quilt Gal.


  1. Happy birthday! If you are still riding a bike at 65, then you are closer to 35 - lol! You are still a kid. My 74th is coming up in June. Those table runners are gooooorgeous! I wish we had an Amish greenhouse close, that is a beautiful petunia basket.
    Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday - enjoy your week!

  2. That is a beautiful basket of petunias, and a great price! Isn't it nice to get some planting done and have flowers blooming? That's what I did towards the end of last week, too. Your new tablerunners are great! Fun design and perfect fabric, too. Happy Birthday week! Hope you get to do all your favorite things!

  3. Those are adorable runners!!! I love your other tutorial on the gingham runners - look forward to a new one ;-)

  4. happy birthday - I agree - I turn 70 in the fall - how did I get there! I love that flower basket price is well worth it!!

  5. Happy birthday! I turned 68 in March, and also can't figure out how I got so old.
    When did that happen? Fabulous bee runners! I can understand why they sold so fast. I visited a nursery on Friday and also bought flowers finally. I picked up a big yellow dahlia - something I've never had before.

  6. What a great week you had. I always love your table runners. You have a wonderful eye for color. At least I think that is what draws me to your work. Have fun this week and happy birthday. I'm not the oldest of your commenters but I'm close to the oldest!

  7. I love those bee runners, no wonder they sold so fast. Just gorgeous.

  8. Oh Vicki! I LOVE both of the black and yellow runners, esp the first! Beautiful!

  9. Those runners are very lovely, Vicki. I love the black prints with the lemon. That must be why they went so quickly.

  10. Just love looking at everything you make - the projects are always gorgeous! Would love to find the pattern for the new table runners - which GE book are they in? And I think I've found my people - I'm 66!

    1. Shirley you came in as a no reply blogger, so I can only hope you come back here to read this. The GE book is called Stripology, it is all about table runners. Where in MN are you?

    2. Well that's weird - I'm not a blogger? But thank you for answering! I'm in the western suburbs of Minneapolis!

  11. Hi Vicki! Sixty-five is the new forty, right?!! I think you should make a nice long weekend of your Friday celebration and do whatever the heck you want. Happy Birthday Month. That's what I told Sue this morning, too. Love, love, LOVE the new yellow table runners. Bee and lemons - both nice and bright and pretty. Amazing fabrics choices and they are obviously popular. Ride the wave! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. Fabrics or Flowers - everything is in full bloom. Must be your magical touch.


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