Friday, November 10, 2023

Tree Skirt Tutorial

 Accuquilt was kind enough to send me the tree skirt wedge die to do a tutorial here on my blog. I love how this tree skirt came together quickly. Follow along with me...

You will need this Tree Skirt wedge die from Accuquilt. 

Pick 4 fabrics each measuring at least 21" x WOF(width of fabric).

With accuquilt dies you can cut up to 6 layers of fabric at a time.  For this particular skirt I am only cutting 2 layers at a time, (the next photo will show you why I had to do that). Layer two fabrics over the die.

Here is why I did two layers... I rolled the excess fabric up so it would lay next to the die when going through my GO!  All 4 layers wouldn't fit through.

Here is the first two wedges cut, easy peasy, right?  You might notice my black sharpie lines I have drawn 1/4" away from the blades on the die. These are my guidelines for lining up my fabric so I am sure that my fabric covers the blades.

Here is an important step, to save yourself fabric be sure to flip the fabric and cover the wedge again and cut. Keep flipping and cutting until you have 5 from the first two fabrics. Repeat with the second set of fabrics. 

You need five wedges of each fabric for a total of 20 wedges.

Arrange your wedges in the order you like and sew together in pairs using 1/4" seams. Then sew the pairs into sets of four. Continue sewing these all together until you have a complete circle. The tree skirt measures 45" in diameter when finished.

Layer your backing, batting and tree skirt and quilt it.  After quilting I cut down one seam for the opening so you can wrap this around your tree.  

After quilting iron fusible web of your choice to wrong side of white fabric for snowman face. Cut four   9" circles and fuse to the edge of skirt letting some of the circle hang over the edge. Applique the face using your favorite method.  I used black thread and the blanket stitch on my domestic machine. Trim off the edge of face that hangs over the skirt. Add a nose and buttons for eyes.  Bind your tree skirt with bias binding, add a ribbon tie in the binding seam.  You now have a festive looking tree skirt.  There is still time to order the die and make your tree a new skirt this Christmas!  

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! Thank you Accuquilt for the tree die.

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  1. Vicki this is so pretty! Love the fabrics you used, and your skirt turned out perfect. The last tree skirt I made was "wavy", because I didn't use a pattern. This looks like a great tutorial. However, would you believe I recently sold my AQ cutter and attachments? I purchased it a couple years ago and just couldn't get into it. You are a great user of yours! We also sold our Christmas tree so I don't need any more skirts - lol!

  2. that is a pretty one, love the snowmen! I didn't know Accuquilt had a wedge die for this when I made mine a couple years ago I used a ruler I believe

  3. Vicki, those snowmen make an adorable tree skirt! How long is the wedge die cut? What is the size of your tree skirt? Thanks.

  4. Tree skirts in both of our minds this week, how ironic! I love this one done with the wedges and adding the snowmen was just perfect.

  5. This is such a cute tree skirt, Vicki! I love the black, red, and white, and of course, the snowmen. Looks like your cutter made quick work of those wedges!

  6. Adorable!!! Love that you made it with die cuts and added your signature snowmen, Vicki!!!

  7. What a great tree skirt. I really love the fabrics you used in this. Of course, those snowmen are perfect additions!

  8. Adorable tree skirt Vicki and the wedge die must have made it fast and easy! Your snowmen are too cute!

  9. That looks like a fast, cute tree skirt. I've made a couple with strata and a wedge ruler. It would have been much easier and faster with the wedge die. Lovely finished project. Also like the info on how you make those cute snowmen faces.

  10. Heartfelt thanks for your exceptional post—it was both insightful and inspiring.

  11. Thank you for the interesting and thought-provoking perspectives presented in your blog posts.


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