Tuesday, October 20, 2020

To Do Tuesday #37

 What a week it has been, so much done and so tired!  Okay here were the goals I had set for the week:

1. Another strawberry table runner-✅
My customer requested a strawberry runner with a plain green border instead of my usual checkerboard. She was thrilled when I sent the finished photo.

2. Two patriotic reversed S swirl runners-
These were part of the order of 14 table runners, from one lady, through my Etsy shop.

3. Finish another panel that I started yesterday-
I posted about this HERE

4. Two Easter table runners for an order-
These were also part of the order of 14 table runners, from one lady, through my Etsy shop.


5.And if I have time for anything else that would be awesome!

This was also a customer request.  She knew exactly what she wanted, Green background with the checkerboard in red and white.  The snowman was to look like Frosty the snowman with his black top hat and flower in his hat. I had never seen a Frosty with a flower before, but she sent a pic and I did my best to make it look like that.  I left the flower to be dimensional and added a yellow button to hold it all in place. 

I have officially completed all my Etsy orders and now I have nothing planned for the week!  I will just roll with the punches and see what happens.  When is the last time you have heard me say that:0   So officially I don't have any goals.  But you know I will be working on table runners here and there.  I mean that is what I do! 

Linking with our To Do leaders Roseanne and Sue at Home Sewn By Us.  I am anxious to go see what others have accomplished this past week. 


  1. Woohoo! You go! By the time I'm typing this, you'll probably have orders to fill again - ha! I think Frosty from the cartoon Frosty the Snowman movie had a flower in his hat? Anyway, your Frosty is a cutie, as are all those other runners! You are definitely the runner queen! Have fun playing today while the snow falls!

  2. Wonderful table runners, Vicki! Your sewing skills are exemplary. The large strawberries runner is a beauty. The patriotic S swirl runner is awesome. I’d love that on my table through the patriotic holidays. The bunnies are so cute surrounded by the colorful eggs. Frosty is such a cutie! Love him framed in the red and white check. Beautiful work!

  3. Your customers are keeping you busy, Vicki! That's so great! It looks like the one gal is taking care of lots of gifts. I like your Frosty with his flower!

  4. Hi Vicki! That does look like Frosty and the dimensional flower idea is so cool. LOVE it. I did order that panel from the place that Wendy suggested. I heard back from the shop owner that the whole bolt of fabric had a flaw so it didn't work out. I can't believe you're a free agent all week - I know you will come up with something fun to work on. You'll have to dig out a few more panels from the closet to temp me with! HAHA! Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful table runners...really like the snowman runner...so cute. Have a great day!

  6. You were moving this past week! How many table runners do you think you've made over the years? They are all so cute.

  7. You do just the cutest work, Vicki! No wonder you have so many repeat customers. You jump right on their custom requests and truly deliver the goods. You deserve a "week off," and I put that in quotes because I know you'll still be quilting :)

  8. My son (age 7) could see my screen from across the room when I was reading this and he called out "nice snowman!" You know you got it right when the kid approves!

  9. Oh my gosh, you make the most adorable runners ever!!

  10. I adore these runners! Each so different and unique. You are so productive, Vicki.
    Have a great weekend now!

  11. What a lovely collection to have finished!

  12. Your runners are always so cute! I love the bunnies and the custom Mrs. Frosty. I once made a matching pair of snowmen one Mr. and one Mrs. out of glass bowls.


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