Tuesday, June 14, 2022

To Do Tuesday

 Gee looking at last weeks goals I didn't do very good:(  But I got a couple done. 

This is what was on my list:

  • Make a sunflower table runner ✅ Yes I made one start to finish.

  • quilt and bind a small lap quilt-nope, nada, not done :(
  • make another bee table runner-nope. nada, not done :(
  • go camping with grandsons- YEP we did it!  We didn't go far from home which was fine by all of us.  They came early Friday morning and we couldn't go to the campground until after lunch. So we kept them busy, one helped grandpa dig worms so we could fish. The oldest helped me pack the refrigerator and food pantry in the fifth wheel.  Hubby and I had our kayaks in the fifth wheel already. So after lunch we jumped in the truck and headed out.  At first we had one boy in with each of us in our kayaks and let them do some paddling to see if they could handle it. Then on Saturday we rented them each a kayak. They did so well all by themselves and they really enjoyed it.  We played games, did a little fishing, had a campfire, went for a hike. Lest you think it was all fun and games, well they are kids and they always seem to find something to fight about. I could do without that!  
This wasn't on the list but I needed another one and I had it pieced, managed to quilt in on Thursday. Now I need yet another two!  Sold this one and got an order for one with a different blue fabric. 

Things are stacking up for this week...
  • The two patriotic runners mentioned above
  • Start working on Here Comes the Sun blog hop project
  • Finish a S Swirl patriotic runner-needs quilting and binding
  • Finish a round patriotic runner-needs quilting and binding
  • Let's put the Bee runner back on the list too
  • Quilt and bind the small lap quilt I didn't get to last week, it's no rush but I would like to say finished!
  • I would love to get Feedly set up as I am tired of Bloglovin being down so often. I am missing my favorite reads.  Anybody out there using Feedly that can coach me on setting it up?  I have opened a freebie account with them, how do I get the blogs I read over there?
The weather is supposed to get hot and humid so I will be happy to stay in and quilt away:)  How is the weather in your area going to be this week?

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  1. Your runners are amazing! What fun with the grandsons, glad they did well with the kayaks. They'll have great memories.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

  2. Nice job on the finished table runners. And, yes, I'd say it's well past time to get started on your Here Comes the Sun blog hop project. Isn't it next week? LOL

    1. HAHAHAHA! Nice gentle nudge, Sharon! Yes, I believe it is next week, too.

  3. Hum, I haven’t noticed Bloglovin being down. But I don’t pay that much attention to it. So I’m no help with Feedly. Your sunflowers look great. You’ve got a busy week ahead. Have fun too.

  4. What a fun time with the grandsons, aside from the fighting, lol! Your sewing will be right where you left it. Glad things are selling so well for you! I do use Feedly, but don't really remember doing anything special to set it up. I just searched for each blog I already followed on Bloglovin and clicked follow. I put the app on my tablet and just check it every morning. I'll go check and see if there's anything more involved with it than that, and let you know if there is.

  5. Love both runners! Yes Bloglovin has become a real pain. Even today it won't show me more than one blog; I have to keep going back to the email and clicking. However, I do not have a blog (yet...still thinking) so no help with Feedly.

  6. The sunflower runner is so pretty and you know how I love the red, white and blue. The camping trip sounds like it was packed full of fun, in spite of the sibling squabbles. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Time with the grands is so precious! Good luck with your list; it seems like a big one, but you can do it! :)

  8. Hi Vicki! I am sick and tired of Bloglovin' being down or unavailable or whatever, too. Annoying! So glad you had fun camping with the gkids. Fighting?! Isn't that a requirement for siblings?? Ours do it and they're only 4 and 3. We just tell them, no fighting - be nice, and that works. For now! It's easy to divert them but certainly not when they're older, I'm sure. That's some list for this week. It's so flippin' hot here - the last thing I feel like doing is quilting! I wish you loads of luck getting all or even some of that done! LOVE the r/w/b runner and also I'm a fan of the "S" shaped one. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Love those sunflowers. They brighten my day and keep Ukraine in my mind as the battle continues. Wishing you good luck on your goals...although I am pretty sure you will nail them all.

  10. Both of these are lovely, but the sunflower runner really is bright and cheery!


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