Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hands to help final check in

Hello, hello. A few of you might have wondered why I haven't posted. It was May 10th the last time I shared anything, I'll explain why at the end. Thankfully I remembered to check Sarah's blog and find she posted on May 28th to begin the linkup so she can get the final count.

I got brave and used a panto on this one, I am still pretty rusty using pantos, but this is a great way to practice. My frame quilting experience is almost 20 years and in all this time I have not enjoyed doing panto's. 

This wiggle time quilt was finished up last month and I neglected to get it posted. The pattern is from Cynthia, it's a fun and fast quilt that I love making!

I want to say thank you to Sarah for hosting this event for so many years. You can check out all the quilts that so many generous quilters will be donating to the H2H cause HERE.  I'll be linking up!

This tumbler quilt was pieced in January, using the 6.5" Accuquilt tumbler die and quilted in April.  Such fun bright colors for a child. Simple stipple quilting made for a quick finish.

If you are a regular visitor here the rest of these quilts you will have seen in various other posts.  I thought I would make it handy for Sarah if I listed all of my donation quilts in one post. 

The original Hunter Star post is HERE

Tumbler original post is HERE

A string thing can be found HERE.

Whirly gig can be found HERE.

Scrappy heart is HERE

And hexagon is HERE.  

That brings my total of quilts to donate this year for Hands2Help to eight.  Such a good feeling to have accomplished and give eight people a warm quilty hug. These quilts will be given to my daughter-in-law to hand out when she goes to help serve the less fortunate in the Minneapolis area. They go to a few different shelters and a reservation there. 

So a quick note to explain why I have been absent for several weeks.  It all started with my hip hurting like the dickens, making it hard to walk, especially up stairs. Finally went to the Dr. after x-rays she put me on an anti inflammatory, rest and PT.  A week after the med and PT my stomach started giving me pains, fever, no energy, no appetite, I just stayed in bed feeling so crappy. And then I had the worse headache ever.  Back to the Dr. and blood work, that was all just fine, so she figures it is the anti inflammatory med. So I am off that and onto something else.  I went to the chiro yesterday. So hopefully I am on the 'mend' track. More than anyone wanted to hear, but I thought I would let you know I didn't just fall off the edge.  Also my apologies for not visiting blogs and commenting. 

I am pretty sure there are some great deals going on at Accuquilt but I am too tired to go look. If you care to check their site and want to use my affiliate link you can find it at the top of my left sidebar;)


  1. I had been thinking I hadn't seen a post from you in awhile, Vicki! I'm so sorry you've been so sick, and definitely hope you're getting better. It's no fun when the medicine that's supposed to be helping you with one problem causes another one. Meanwhile, your H2H quilts are sweet and happy - they will be loved!

  2. I had been beginning to wonder where you were - I had checked your blog several times to see if you updated but that my feedly hadn't updated - I'm sorry you have not been feeling great - I hope the chiro will help you

  3. First - I sure hope you are on the mend. Yikes! Sounds way too familiar (hip pain) to me, except it's antibiotics that always seem to do a number on my stomach. Wonderful quilts for H2H this year. I've only donated 2 so far. Glad you reminded me about the Linky as I had forgotten about posting.

  4. Glad to see you back, Vick, and hope you are on the mend real soon. Great job on the quilts! I love your cloud quilting with the panto!!!

  5. Hooray for your Hands 2 Help quilts. Gotta post mine today! Glad you are on the mend, but am so sorry to hear you had to go through it. Hope that you are on the other side of this little blip in the hip.

  6. I'm so sorry that you have been dealing with pain. I sure hope you are on the mend!

  7. So sorry that you've been under the weather, I hope that you get back to your self soon! Beautiful quilts!

  8. Sorry you have been sick, that's the worst when the Dr.'s can't figure it out! Thanks for posting all your beautiful quilts!

  9. Hi Vicki! I did notice that you were MIA and I'm so sorry I didn't check on you. I hope the change in medication is the ticket and that all of the first drug is out of your system. I sure hope you are on the mend!! Nice job on all eight quilts and good for you for giving a panto a try again. Did you enjoy it or are going to write them off for good? Happy day before your Birthday!!! I hope you are able to celebrate with family and friends, and that you have a fantabulous day. {{Hugs}} a bunch! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Great donations and a huge help locally!

  11. Fabulous quilts Vicki! I'm with you on the hesitancy for pantos. I can quilt it faster just FMQ-ing the design. Medical issues (and getting the meds right) can be so debilitating especially for one as active as you. Here's to healing.

  12. Ugh on the medical issues. Just a heads up cherries are good for inflamation. (It helps that I love cherries although I don't generally suffer from inflamation.) Your quilt parade is wonderful. I must admit I flaked out on getting my finished quilts any where. I think several will go to a group that offers veterans and their families some time on a farm or is it a ranch? Each family receives a quilt. Anyway my guild is supporting them and I have several lap size quilts to donate at the end of the month.


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